On International Women’s Day..

Women’s Day 2013 – if you haven’t started celebrating you or the woman you’re proud of then I don’t think its too late to start. I am going to listen to “Girl on Fire” and gift me a nice book on womanhood.

Why do you need another day when 365 days are dedicated to you?- Asked a male friend who wants 29th Feb to be declared as “Men’s Day”! I laughed ( and ignored!) and thought of checking all inspiring articles popped up on FB news feed today.

As we grow up , we women suddenly feel that this world expects a lot from us without ever appreciating our constant effort to be the best in everything we do! So, when I see messages or comments on women on this day, somehow it always makes me feel proud.

Looking back , there was no such discrimination when I was a kid. In school , you have to compete with the boys too and you have nobody to judge you saying  “You’re a girl and that’s how you’re never the best” . Life changes its color at every phase as I mentioned in one of my old posts. Slowly , I observed even with the best brains, the treatment we women get from society sometimes is so interesting. But, lets not lose focus and lets not stop being who we are! Nothing is free of cost , not even the achievements! 🙂

So, take a moment today to remember those awesome women you have in your life – the Grand Ma who you wanted to be like ,, your Mom – who  inspires you at every second , your sister , your cousins, your girl friends & yes those men too who are proud of YOU.

And , in all these , if someone asks you why you have one special day dedicated to you, tell him that he has one day for him too – 19th November , International Men’s day..So equality is preserved . 😉

Happy Women’s day to every woman , today! You brought us to this world , made us what we are today! We salute YOU!

Author: Archita

Musings about life and photography.

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